Professional skier Jon Olsson is known for wildly customizing his rides, and his new Rolls-Royce Wraith is no exception to that rule. Olsson upped the car’s utility and horsepower before showing it off in a YouTube video he posted to his account June 26. You may find the final result either novel or unnerving.

Olsson started with a tune from Absolute Motors, based in the Netherlands, who cranked the power output of the turbocharged 6.6-litre V12 from 624 horsepower to 810 horses.

Next, the Swedish athlete added a magnetized roof-rack for holding a jet-board and multiple tanks of gasoline, which he plans to use to surf the seas regardless of wind conditions, and to top-up his Wraith’s tank should he find himself in need of extra driving range.

Flood lights were added – two on the front grille and four on the forward section of the roof rack – to improve visibility on rural roads and twisty forest stretches. These are particularly helpful when attempting to spot wildlife along the treeline that could pose a hazard to your 810-horse luxury barge.

To further make the car his own, a trademark camouflage vinyl wrap was added; a plethora of logos and company stickers were slapped on; custom wheels and tires were fitted; and custom matching camo luggage was created, and tossed in the trunk.

It’s not uncommon to modify and customize standard-run Rolls-Royce cars – in fact, every Rolls that leaves the factory is customized to some extent – but it is rare to see a Rolls modified with such reckless abandon of the brand’s top-tier English coach-building tradition.

Some will say it’s sacrilegious to throw a roof rack on a Rolls, while others will applaud the fact this pro skier intends to daily-drive his Wraith, and will view the modifications as practical and forward-thinking.

Olsson completes a walk-around, explaining the intricate details of his modifications, in the above video.