One of the pair of 1968 Ford Mustang fastbacks used in one of the coolest car movies of all time – Steve McQueen’s Bullitt – was apparently found rotting in a Mexican junkyard recently.

We’re not excited this car was left for dead as a drivetrain-less shell, but we are jazzed someone has found said car, that it’s apparently been by classic Ford expert Kevin Marti as the real deal, and that the owner plans to restore it.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) says one of the Mustangs ended up in New Jersey after an employee of the movie production company bought it; Bullitt star Steve McQueen apparently tried to buy it from that owner, who refused to sell. Naturally, it reportedly now sits unused and hidden away.

IMDb says the other car was junked, along with a pair of Dodge Chargers used in the movie’s famous 10-plus minute chase scene.

The most recent chapter in this car’s story goes that a Mexican car enthusiast named Hugo Sanchez found it in the scrap heap and bought it with the aim of turning it into a replica of a totally different movie Mustang: Eleanor, from the new Gone in 60 Seconds.

Then the shop contracted to do the work looked up the car’s VIN and realized what they had potentially stumbled upon; the plan now is to restore the car to its Bullitt glory.

The car’s discovery couldn’t come at a more perfect time: Bullitt, and the Mustangs used in it, turn 50 years old in 2018, so if the owner of this salvaged car decides to sell, the sky is the limit for what it will be worth when it crosses the auction block.