A CBC news crew found their vehicle immobilized by a large pothole while on assignment covering the very rough, pothole-covered roads of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland last week.

Many reports of flat tires caused a stir on social media, with residents of Mount Pearl and St. John’s complaining of the rough roads. The January 27 news report went awry when the CBC news crew’s Dodge Caravan struck one of the complained-about holes, causing a rear passenger-side flat tire.

No one on the news crew was injured in the incident and the vehicle was towed to safety, reports CBC News.

The Department of Transportation and Works issued a statement in response to the public backlash on social media, explaining heavy rainfall had hastened the development of the potholes in a short period of time; the department promised quick repairs would be made.

“The weather today was conducive to having these repaired and our crews we’re focused on this work today,” said Brian Scott, a department spokesperson.

Beyond causing flat tires, hitting large potholes at speed can bend wheels, potentially costing thousands to repair or replace, depending on the brand. Driver safety is also at risk, as a sudden flat can render a car or truck difficult to control.