Porsche’s one-millionth 911 rolled off the line at its Zuffenhausen plant on May 11, marking an auspicious occasion for the iconic sports car brand.

To celebrate the 911’s roots, Porsche specified its one-millionth example with a decidedly classic design scheme—one closely aligned with the very first 911 driven by Ferry Porsche.

The automaker chose an “Irish Green” hue, said to be Ferry’s favourite colour, over more modern, popular colours; installed handmade houndstooth fabric inserts on the seats; recreated a classic ’60s era sports steering wheel with a handmade mahogany rim; added mahogany trim accents in the dash; and appropriately fitted its traditional three-pedal, manual gear-box as its transmission of choice.

Porsche says its one-millionth car has been “intricately refined by Porsche Exclusive,” and some of the finer, subtler design details are seen in its badges, display, and exterior appointments.

For instance, the car’s instrument cluster features the numbers “1,000,000 911” displayed on a screen that illuminates in shimmering green, picking up the car’s exterior paint; just like the original 911s of 1964, the car’s circular instrument surrounds are finished in silver; and a Porsche crest design from 1964 has been affixed in the centre of the sport steering wheel.

The 20-inch wheels take design cues from the Fuchs rims installed on early 911s, with centre hubs finished with simple 911 badges; and the mirrors, door handles, and air-intake grille slats are painted in Galvano Silver, matching the car’s aluminum side-window trim.

The celebratory one-off 911 is based on the brand’s Carrera S, but has had its twin-turbocharged flat-six output boosted to 450 horsepower, enabling a top speed of 312 km/h.

All of the above details culminate to make this one-millionth 911 feel special—but there won’t be a lucky private owner made to feel special by this car: Porsche has reserved this vehicle for display in its factory museum, though the car will be put through its paces on a world tour before getting stowed away.