Overly kind motorists in Charlottetown, P.E.I. have been causing collisions with their well-intentioned-but-ill-advised acts of kindness on the roadways, according to local police there.

At least two collisions occurred on University Avenue in the past week caused by one driver coming to a complete stop in a live traffic lane to wave another driver through ahead of them, CTV News quoted Charlottetown Police chief Paul Smith on December 8.

Charlottetown’s University Avenue is one of its busiest, and is divided into four lanes of traffic, with many intersecting side roads and parking spots positioned alongside the roadway.

“A Good Samaritan gesture can sometimes have devastating consequences when you are looking at T-bone accidents,” said chief Smith.

“When you are looking at four-lane roadways, the obstructions that happen when someone stops – particularly in an inner lane to allow someone out – they’re not seeing what’s coming up on the curb lane.”

While multiple Black Friday-related parking spot feuds resulted in fatalities in the U.S., this quagmire of polite driving almost feels like a point of pride for Canadians, but Smith says it’s important people put safety first and strictly follow the rules of the road—lest a collision and insurance-related headache catch up with you.

“The flip-side is, if I’m the Good Samaritan, I run the risk of being – in an insurance world – one of the causing factors of it, and who knows where that could lead,” Smith concluded.

No serious injuries were reported as a result of the recent collisions, but the Charlottetown Police would like to remind us it is technically possible to kill someone with kindness.

(CTV News)