Ontario will soon raise its fines for distracted driving from $155 to $280 as part of an effort to crack down on people using mobile devices behind the wheel.

Effective March 18, motorists caught with a computer, phone or MP3 display screen opened towards them while driving will be stuck with the fine, reports CBC News.

GPS navigation units will be exempt; and while there are no demerit points attached to the offense, police can also hit offenders with a dangerous driving charge worth six demerit points.

“We’ve seen fatalities that are directly attributed to the use of a cellphone,” Toronto police traffic officer Constable Clint Stibbe told CBC radio. “It’s an ongoing problem and it is taking lives.”

The $280 fine is a total that includes a $25 victim surcharge and a $5 court cost fee. One Liberal MPP, Bas Balkissoon, is pushing to raise that total to $500 and three demerit points.

Is a $280 fine enough? Or will it take demerit points to finally get people to comply? Leave your thoughts below.

(via CBC)