London, Ontario’s Harry Kraemer says he feels like he has a target painted on his back after he said “some very nasty things” to a smoking enforcement officer who fined him for smoking in his office at the cleaning company he owns.

That targeted feeling came on when he was next fined, for smoking in his vehicle – a Porsche Cayenne – while parked at a donut shop by an officer he suspects had been watching him, according to the National Post.

In Ontario, it’s illegal to puff in a variety of places, including “enclosed workspaces,” since laws exist to protect non-smokers from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

While Kraemer not-so-happily paid the fines for smoking in his office, he challenged the tickets issued for lighting up in his car, and a justice of the peace agreed, calling the charges “a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

But Linda Stobo of London’s health unit said she thinks the charges were in-bounds, because “a workplace vehicle is a vehicle used for any type of work,” even if, in Kraemer’s case, the vehicle is a luxury SUV occasionally used to help run the cleaning business and not the actual business of cleaning.

Stobo said the health unit investigates all complaints of secondhand smoke in workplaces, of which there were 100 last year.