The integrity of a senior Liberal staffer has been called into question due to the conspicuous timing of his hiring to Tesla, which follows closely a shift in government policy that will directly benefit the automaker, reports CBC News.

Shortly before Environment and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray joined Tesla, the Liberal government announced the price cap placed on the province’s EV rebate program would be lifted, allowing Tesla to benefit from the taxpayer-funded incentive program from which it was previously precluded.

“You’ve got someone leaving the minister’s office and going to a company that is now benefiting from these decisions,” said PC Leader Patrick Brown in a press session with reporters.

After public backlash against the taxpayer subsidization of luxury EV purchases, the Wynne government introduced a cap on EV rebates last year. Under the price cap structure, EV buyers would receive a maximum subsidy of $3,000 on vehicles costing over $75,000.

Shortly before Murray’s move to Tesla, the rules were changed such that EVs costing more than $75,000 became eligible for rebates of up to $14,000.

The EV rebate program first came into question after the CBC uncovered documentation showing the government had spent $770,000 in taxpayer money to help subsidize the purchase of luxury EVs like BMW i8s and Porsche 918 Spyders.

(CBC News)