Nissan’s just unveiled its new X-Trail 4Dog concept, designed to make dog owners’ lives easier, and man’s best friend more comfortable on the open road.

Having listened to customer feedback, Nissan incorporated many novel features into the 4Dog’s interior that are remiss on any other regular SUV.

The cargo area is covered in a quilted fabric that will feel awfully familiar to most canines, and road-nervous dogs are pacified with a large screen that shows the dog what its owner is up to in the cabin.

Two pull-out drawers are situated under the cargo area floor; one is fitted with a dog grooming kit, replete with brushes and nail clippers, inside. The other holds a unique 360-degree doggy shower which wraps around the animal’s neck so that the human doesn’t get soaked. Finally, a doggy blow-dryer is built in to the 4Dog as an attachment.

No time for a bath? Owners can walk their mud-coated furry friend up an extendable ramp that connects to the edge of the cargo floor—no dirty bear-hugging exercise required, no matter how disobedient the dog.

While it’s only a concept at the moment, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nissan brings this discretely badged dog-friendly SUV into production based on positive public feedback.