Online automotive retailer Carvana has built yet another car vending machine – its fourth in the U.S. – thanks to the popularity of the device with customers, reports Digital Trends.

The latest installment is in San Antonio, Texas, where new car buyers can make their first encounter with their car a novel one.

Carvana’s brightly lit glass-and-metal automobile dispensary stands eight stories tall and is capable of holding 30 vehicles at a time.

When customers arrive to pickup their vehicle, Carvana staff hand them a giant “Carvana coin” to insert into the gargantuan vending machine; the tables and conveyers then kick into action, spinning and (slowly) dropping their vehicle into one of four reception bays on ground level.

Alternatively, Carvana car buyers can have their new vehicle shipped directly to their home, but as a no-cost option, the vending machine experience is sure to please your kids, or the kid in you.

The online retailer is so proud of their vending machines, they’ll even partially subsidize the cost of your flight to make use of their automated dispensaries, sending customers a $200 flight voucher.

“Reception to the Carvana car-buying experience has been great,” said Ernie Garcia, CEO of Carvana. “We are always looking for the next city to offer our Car Vending Machine pickup experience.”

It’s not clear if Carvana, or any other online automotive retailer, intend to build any car vending machines in Canada.

(Digital Trends)