Two New Brunswick men were arrested February 9 when police caught up with them after they’d ordered from a fast-food drive-thru while sitting on a couch being towed by an ATV.

When the police arrived, both passengers hopped off the couch while the driver of the ATV made a run for it, leading the police on a chase before escaping across the frozen Miramichi River, with couch still in tow, reports CTV News.

At the time of publication, the ATV had been located and seized by police, but the driver remained a fugitive of the law, and has yet to be identified.

Predictably, police say that the men, aged 28 and 39, had been drinking prior to their sedentary misadventure.

“The two passengers from the sofa, or the couch, or whatever you want to call it, were intoxicated,” said Corporal Lorri McEachern of the Miramichi police department.

The two couch-goers were wearing helmets while being towed, in a surprisingly lucid tribute to safety.

“So obviously safety was somewhat important,” concluded McEachern.

(CTV News)