Smart car parent company Daimler has launched a new app that helps owners determine how to best pack parcels in their car’s diminutive cargo space, reports CTV News.

The new Pactris app takes its name from the popular 1980s video game Tetris, which it mimics in order to help smart owners with effectively packing objects as closely together as possible.

Pactris uses a database of package dimensions to determine if a given package will fit in the rear cargo hold of a smart fortwo or forfour with the rear hatch closed. Users simply scan the bar code on the physical package, and the app will determine if the package will fit or not.

The highly useful app will also determine if a number of packages will fit, and if so, in what arrangement, all based on the bar-code database it relies upon for dimensional information. The app also stores information on standard-size items such as 24-packs of beer, wine boxes and banking boxes.

While the Pactris app is an obvious fit for the smart car – a vehicle limited to only 350 litres of trunk space – it would no doubt appeal to owners of nearly any vehicle used for shopping expeditions.


(Relaxnews via CTV News)