– the one-stop online retail store that sells everything from guitars to house-cleaning services – has launched a new- and used-car research and online community hub to help buyers better research their next vehicle.

The new website is called Amazon Vehicles, and will complement the existing Amazon Automotive Store as a mecca of automotive research, reports Bloomberg.

More than 35 million drivers have saved their cars to the company’s current Amazon Garage hub, which displays parts and accessories specific to each driver’s vehicle, for ease of shopping.

The significant number of existing automotive-focused Amazon customers bodes well for the new site, which will likely attract existing Amazon customers who’ve saved their vehicles to Amazon’s Garage.

An important aspect of Amazon Vehicles will be its community forum, where customers can consider thousands of customer reviews on new and used vehicles. The web platform will allow customers to upload images and videos of their vehicle in addition to written opinions about their car.

Visitors to the site can ask questions such as “Can you fit two car seats comfortably?” or “How does this car perform in the snow?” and solicit feedback from existing owners of the specific vehicle in question.

While it’s true existing websites such as and Kelly Blue Book already offer research tools and owner reviews, Amazon is well-placed to take a bite out of the competition, given the broad reach of its existing 300 million-strong customer base.

Is it possible that Amazon will eventually start selling new and used cars online? If Hyundai’s partnership with Amazon to arrange for online-ordered, on-demand test drives is any indication, we’d say there’s a distinct possibility.

(Amazon Vehicles via Bloomberg)