Mitsubishi pulled the covers off of its e-Evolution concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show this week, and many enthusiasts are disappointed that the “Evolution” name long affiliated with rally racing has wound up on such a controversial-looking crossover.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution compact sedan, or “Evo” for short, was for decades a major player in the world of rally racing, through to 2017 when the Japanese automaker killed off its long-running Lancer model in almost all markets.

The old Evolution was totally unlike the new e-Evolution, an electric crossover prototype powered by three electric motors – two rear, one in the front – with rather arguably odd proportions and strange-looking styling cues.

The new AWD e-Evolution boasts a trick torque-vectoring system, as well as an interesting piece of AI capable of predicting a driver’s intentions, reading the surrounding environment and traffic, and then building a “training program” that would actively coach the driver with voice prompts to better their driving.

Like the old Evolution, Mitsubishi claims the e-Evolution is the prototype for a high-performance vehicle, with two-plus-two-style doors and an aggressive, sharply-angled design. But the immediate reaction to the concept seems to have already turned many Mitsu fans off.