Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV has been discontinued from the North American market due its lack of competitiveness against more appealing, higher-range EVs and subsequently poor sales figures, confirms Green Car Reports.

The i-MiEV sold for $27,998 Canadian before options, which is a rather princely sum for a tiny golf-cart-like vehicle that only managed 100 kilometers of range under ideal conditions.

With far more attractive, better-performing EVs entering the market since the i-MiEV’s debut in 2012, sales for the little electric Mitsu fell to less than a dozen per month across North America.

The abysmal sales figures prompted Mitsubishi North America to cull the vehicle from its lineup, with a replacement likely, based on the Japanese brand’s stated commitment to EVs.

Dealerships have sold off their remaining stock, meaning the window of opportunity to buy a new i-MiEV has already closed.

“2017 was the last model year for the i-MiEV, and all available retail units have been sold,” said Erica Rasch of Mitsubishi Motors North America in a statement to Green Car Reports.

One of the i-MiEV’s toughest competitors, the Nissan LEAF, is on the brink of a re-birth with even better range, greater interior space, and sharper looks, meaning Mitsubishi will need to bring its A-game when it re-enters the North American market with an all-new EV of its own.

(Green Car Reports)