Mercedes-Benz has launched two new variants of its two-seat AMG GT sports car, the AMG GT C Roadster and AMG GT Roadster, both with fully automatic folding tops and power and handling characteristics similar to their hardtop GT analogues.

The AMG GT C Roadster is the more powerful of the two, and finds itself in the brand’s open-top limelight. With its twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 generating 557 horsepower and 501 lb-ft of torque, the GT C Roadster is expected to accelerate from zero-to-100 km/h in a scant 3.7 seconds. Power is channeled through a seven-speed DCT transmission to the rear wheels.

Should you find a long enough back-straight, the GT C Roadster model is capable of a claimed 316 km/h top speed, while its lesser sibling, the GT Roadster, can achieve a terminal velocity of 302 km/h thanks to its engine’s 469 horsepower.

The GT C Roadster gets some performance parts from the AMG GT R –a recently released hardcore track-ready version of the AMG GT sports car.

Included among the borrowed track-focused parts and technologies is an electronically controlled limited-slip rear differential (the AMG GT Roadster model gets a fully-mechanical LSD), active rear-axle steering system, and a ‘Race mode’ for its DCT transmission.

Below 100 km/h, the rear-axle steering system will turn the rear wheels opposite the front wheels, to effectively shorten the wheelbase and improve maneuverability. Over 100 km/h, the rear wheels will steer with the front wheels, to improve high-speed stability and grant handling characteristics associated with a longer wheelbase.

Both variants of the Roadster get stretched-out wide rear fenders covering a wider rear track width; as well as active aero, which will close off louvers in the front grille to reduce drag when additional cooling is not needed.

A new Burmester sound system is sure to please, featuring an innovation Benz has coined the Externed Coupled Subwoofer (ECS). This new technology uses the entire interior of the vehicle as a bass box, instead of installing a small bass box within the vehicle’s interior, as is typical.

The subwoofer is connected to the body shell by way of an aperture in the right rear wheel arch, allowing for extremely low bass range and immersive sound with the top open or closed.

No word yet on Canadian pricing or availability, but expect the base model AMG GT Roadster to eclipse the $150,700 price tag of the AMG GT S before dropping its top to hit Canadian roads next summer.