A resident of Vancouver, B.C. is giving his convertible away for free to the “most worthy” new owner, whom he’ll find by way of written contest.

The free-car giveaway ad was posted on Kijiji, and asked respondents to explain why they want the vehicle, reports CTV News.

Of course, interested parties should note that you most often ‘get what you pay for,’ and this adage is particularly true in the case of this dilapidated drop-top giveaway.

The 1991 Dodge Shadow in question was a lacklustre mediocre-at-best vehicle when new, and this example has certainly seen better days.

The car was originally “black cherry” in colour, but the current owner decided to paint it burgundy using interior house paint.

“This shadow is coated in luxurious latex paint,” wrote the owner in the ad. “The paint stays on surprisingly good…”

As for vehicle maintenance, we suspect this Shadow has covered many hard kilometres of abuse and misuse, if the owner’s method of ‘cleaning’ the car is any indication.

“No need to ever wash this car, just roll a fresh coat of paint on it. Save money on expensive car washes!!! – just roll a new coat of burgundy paint on it when it gets dirty.”

The full tank of gasoline and “Disco-Tech” CD included in the giveaway are undoubtedly more valuable than the car itself.

The owner isn’t sure if the roof will close, but there’s plenty of summer left to drive top-down in this vehicle–if derelict jalopies are up your alley.

(Kijiji via CTV News)