The driver of a Mitsubishi SUV caused traffic mayhem for Toronto commuters the morning of November 23 after getting his vehicle stuck on the streetcar tracks at Union Station, later telling officials he was simply following GPS directions.

Incredibly, the driver made it nearly 800 meters down the raised-rail train tunnel before getting stuck—a feat no other driver has matched to date, reports CTV News.

The ill-fated attempted to traverse the train tunnel occurred at 5:00 am, just before peak commuter traffic hits the city. A transit operator came upon the vehicle, preventing the driver from running away before alerting authorities.

“That part of the network, only streetcars use it,” said Toronto Transit Commission spokesman Brad Ross.

“The fact that this car made it almost 800 metres to the Union Station platform is very unusual. Cars have gone down there in the past, but typically they get stuck far sooner than that.”

The vehicle had to be removed by a specialized rail-based crane, which caused significant body damage to the SUV during its removal. The driver was fined $475.

(CTV News)