Tesla has released a new “Ludicrous+” software update for its Model S that lifts previous performance restrictions meant to limit wear and tear on critical powertrain parts, reports Electrek.

The over-the-air automated update should stop the automaker from being accused of limiting vehicle performance in cars whose owners frequently used “Launch Mode” and maximum battery power like it did in the past.

Jon McNeill, Tesla’s president of sales and service, confirmed late January the company will end all software-imposed performance limitations tied to that sort of behaviour.

However, while all restrictions have been lifted, the automaker’s added a dash-screen warning informing drivers full use of the car’s performance envelope will cause premature wear to the vehicle’s motor, gearbox, and battery.

In Ludicrous+ mode, the Tesla Model S P100D should now be capable of 2.28-second zero-to-100 km/h runs; and 10.5-second quarter-mile passes.