There’s low-mileage, well-kept “barn find” cars, and then there’s basically new “living room find” cars like this Nissan 240SX, with just over 1,080 km (676 miles) on the odometer. You’ve got to see this thing, and get a load of the asking price.

Nissan 240SXes that haven’t been cut up and modified or bashed together with parts from other similar models are already rare enough as it is, but this car is not only stock, it’s also basically never seen pavement.

The New York City craigslist seller passed on the story he was told from its original owner in the since-removed listing: while this 1997 model, nicknamed “Midnight,” would get some road time every August, in the winters, it’d be rolled into his sister’s living room to protect it from the elements, reports Jalopnik.

It would be started and run a few times, taken out for an annual inspection, had the gas emptied and refilled, and the oil and filter changed.

Parts of the story sound slightly exaggerated – apparently it’s a special “Display” model built from “Durasteel”? And comes with a set of five custom-built OZ wheels? – but what’s inarguable is that the car presents like new.

The sale includes both sets of wheels, a car cover, a shop manual, and the car’s original wiper blades, spark plugs, and other parts. The asking? $125,000 US. While this is definitely one rare automobile, that seems just a little high to us.

The listing has since been taken down, and there’s no news of whether or not the car’s ended up selling, though the owner did tell Jalopnik his phone was ringing off the hook. Would you plunk down six figures for a “living room find”?

(via Jalopnik)