Jesse James, TV personality and famed proprietor of West Coast Choppers motorcycle shop, posted his 1944 Volkswagen Beetle for sale this month, hyping up the starting bid with word of the car’s Nazi roots, reports Gear Heads.

The car in question is an all-wheel-drive Type 82 E Kommandeurwagen with chassis number 5-033568. It was reportedly one of 20 such cars to be delivered to Hermann Göring’s Luftwaffe office—though it’s not clear whether the car was ever driven by Göring himself, or merely his officers. Either way, this car was in the hands of some very, very bad men.

Those who find this sort of regrettable history interesting are apparently willing to spend big money to own such artifacts from one of mankind’s darkest chapters—or at least that’s what James was hoping, given the listed opening bid of $525,000 USD.

The eBay ad is no longer live, but the above photo from the ad was captured before the listing was removed.

(Gear Heads)