The old Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have finally launched their new automotive television series, The Grand Tour, and, yes, it’s coming to Canada, according to a recent tweet from Clarkson himself, reports CBC News.

“So. People of Ireland, Canada, Australia and pretty well everywhere else. You WILL be able to watch the Grand Tour,” said Clarkson in his November 16 tweet.

The world-famous car reviewer added that “Amazon has gone global,” alluding to its streaming service, Amazon Prime, which will likely deliver The Grand Tour to its global audience.

When asked by CBC News if Amazon would begin offering its full Prime video-streaming service to Canadians along with The Grand Tour, Amazon spokesperson Kaan Yalkin responded, “We are excited to announce that The Grand Tour will be able to be streamed from over 200 countries and territories around the world in December,” but he stopped short of confirming whether additional streaming services would be established north of the U.S. border.

Americans currently enjoy the full suite of Amazon Prime’s streaming services, and the show made its debut to audiences there the evening of November 17. Episodes are set to be rolled out weekly, but when it bows in Canada in December, we’ll get all of the episodes already aired Stateside to allow us to catch up, and will then sync with the U.S.‘s weekly schedule.

When The Grand Tour arrives in Canada this December, it’s possible the show will be streamed directly through Amazon Prime, or through another, competitive streaming service licenced to carry it.

For a cost of $99 per year, Canadians have been able to sign-up for Amazon Prime’s multi-faceted online-shopping services since 2013, but have not had access to the company’s video-streaming service of the same name due to networking rights.

(CBC News)