A driver was charged with a felony offence by the Florida Highway Patrol after attempting to evade a toll charge with a plate-obscuring device seemingly swiped from a James Bond action flick.

Police say Orange County resident Joshua West, 27, remotely triggered his automated licence plate cover just before passing the toll cameras, then retracted the cover once clear of the cameras.

Investigators are unsure how long West has gotten away with his devious device, and are therefore unsure how much money is owed to the State, reports ABC Action News.

“Because the tag was obscured, we don’t know yet how many times this vehicle has run the toll, so we don’t know how much money he’s stolen from the state,” said Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant Kim Montes.

Similar trick curtain-style licence plate covers can be purchased online for around $150.

Even transparent licence plate covers are illegal on most Canadian roads; in Ontario, clear plastic covers can land drivers with a hefty $115-dollar fine.

(ABC Action News)