Lamborghini gifted yet another Huracán to Italian police March 30 at a hand-off ceremony in Rome, empowering officers to keep the streets both safe and strikingly stylish.

The police-package Huracán, dubbed the Huracán Polizia, is equipped with a naturally-aspirated V10 which spins out 610 horsepower at full song—and the soundtrack of this engine is indeed musical.

This public-service supercar also features all-wheel drive, meaning the baddies should think twice about making a run for it, even in inclement weather.

The Huracán Polizia will be employed by the highway patrol unit in Bologna for regular traffic patrols as well as urgent organ delivery to area hospitals.

The luggage compartment at the front of the Lambo hosts a special refrigeration system for the transport of organs for transplantation, while the cabin is outfitted with traditional police gear including a gun holster; standard VHF police radio; spotlight; portable extinguisher; and portable AED.

In 2016 the Italian National Transplant Center of the National Institute of Health reported 176 requests for urgent organ delivery, utilizing police vehicles.

We figure the officer tasked with rapid transportation of chilled organs, equipped with the Huracán Polizia, has the coolest job in the world.