A vintage Volvo promotional ploy that highlighted the strength of its cars’ passenger compartments has been bested by Hyundai, which recently stacked seven cars atop a sacrificial car to show the bottom car was capable of withstanding the weight of the cars piled upon it.

Dubbed the SuperStructure, the car’s high-strength steel frame is extremely rigid by modern standards, Hyundai says, adding to the safety and performance capabilities of the cars built upon it.

While several cars in Hyundai’s model range feature the brand’s SuperStructure frame, the Elantra was chosen to visually demonstrate the unibody’s core strength.

Hyundai Auto Canada said in a press release that the seven cars stacked upon a lone and stripped Elantra frame collectively weighed some 12.6 metric tonnes (27,780 lbs). The stunt echoes a similar Volvo feat done decades ago that featured only six cars.

“We’ve been communicating the concept of the SuperStructure for over a year now, so we felt it was time to put the frame to the ultimate test and really showcase the capabilities of what lies beneath the sheet metal of Hyundai vehicles,” said Lawrence Hamilton, director of marketing at Hyundai Canada.

“It’s one thing to say in marketing campaigns that the Elantra has a rigid and strong SuperStructure, it’s entirely another to stack seven full cars on top of a bare frame to demonstrate how rigid the passenger cabin is.”

(Hyundai Canada)