One thoughtful husband bought, restored, and gifted a classic “E30”-series BMW 325 to his wife after discovering her fondness for the car, which she once owned and drove after graduating high school.

Rebecca Mercer reunited with her college sweetheart Shawn six years ago after both had spent many years in separate marriages, and Shawn thought it was high time to reunite his wife with her other first love—the BMW E30, reports Inside Edition.

“Shawn was really wanting to do something cool for my 50th birthday,” said Rebecca.

“So he found the same model and year parked on a nearby street and over the course of a year had it restored without me knowing it.”

After dropping $30,000 into a full restoration of the car, the finished product was very close to what Rebecca remembered of her original E30.

“I was totally shocked and surprised,” she said. “It was a moment of disbelief. It looks exactly like the car I had when I was younger.”

(Inside Edition)