Dodge’s latest tease of its soon-to-be-unveiled Challenger SRT Demon model filled us in on the car’s drag-race-ready wheel-and-tire combo—and also gave us a mystery to solve in the form of a cryptic licence plate.

The SRT Demon will be the first mass-production car to come fitted from the factory with drag radials, specifically with Nitto 315/40R18 tires, at all four corners, revealed Dodge. Those should fill out the fender flares – which add 3.5 inches of width the car – quite nicely, we figure.

They’re wrapped around lightweight 18- by 11-inch wheels—“lightweight” is key, there, as Dodge revealed last week that part of the Demon’s edge over its Hellcat sibling comes in a reduced curb weight. Some 200 lbs have been carved off of the chassis.

What Dodge didn’t reveal this week was exactly what the licence plate in the above image referred to. “#2567@35” doesn’t make sense as an address or date, doesn’t work for horsepower or torque figures, and couldn’t have to do with its quarter-mile E/T or trap speed. Anybody have a clue?

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will be fully revealed in April in New York. It’s supposed to be a Hellcat-topping high-horsepower trim built especially for acceleration.


(Dodge via Autoblog)