CAA’s annual “Canada’s Worst Roads” survey has singled out Hamilton, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba as having some of the worst roads in the country.

While Canadians are blessed to enjoy all four seasons, our roads are not. As a consequence of freeze-thaw cycles, roads crack, buckle and break apart, and eventually often resemble moon-scapes—replete with pot holes and craters.

So bad are some of Canada’s roads that news crews have been sidelined by pot holes while reporting on—pot holes!

In Ontario, Hamilton took first place for its derelict Burlington Street East—a crown road sure to displease the Queen.

Dufferin Street once again took the dubious honour of top spot in Toronto, while Hunt Club Road was found to be the worst in Ottawa.

In the prairies, Chevrier Boulevard in Winnipeg, Manitoba; and Saskatchewan 155 in La Loche, Saskatchewan were considered the worst roads to drive upon.

Results are outstanding for Atlantic Canada and Quebec, but like in the rest of Canada, you don’t need to drive far before finding a road worthy of nomination.

The full results from CAA’s worst roads survey for Ontario can be found here.