Ken Block’s “Gymkhana” videos are now so well-known among online car enthusiasts that the fact they contain jaw-dropping tire-shredding sideways hoonagw doesn’t even warrant mention—everyone just expects that to be in there.

Instead the videos in the franchise are defined by either where they take place, or the particular insane stunts Block’s thrown in them this time ‘round. “Gymkhana Nine: Raw Industrial Playground” is one of the latter sort. I mean, all I’ve got to say is: train; helicopter; lift bridge.

“Nine” stars Block in a 600-horsepower Ford Focus RS RX drifting around an abandoned depot of some sort in Buffalo, New York. Efforts were originally made to shoot in Australia to tie the video to sponsor Forza Horizon 3 – the new video game is set Down Under – but authorities there made things more than difficult.

Plus for the first time, the “Gymkhana” producers set up some 360-degree cameras around the set so that the vid could also be experience in virtual reality, via Ford’s VR app, here. (The VR vid’s not out yet, and Ford hasn’t said when it will drop, except “soon.”)

It’s gonna be at least a couple of months from now, but we just can’t wait to see what they do for the big double-digit vid, “Gymkhana Ten.” In the meantime, check out Block’s latest above.