Video of a “Busakart” facing down a heavily modified 1,000-plus horsepower Corvette for $1,000 cash has taken off online—sorry for the spoiler, but if you’d have bet on the ‘Vette, you’d be $1,000 poorer.

What is a “Busakart,” you ask? The term refers to a Frankenstein’d golf cart powered by a 1,300-cc inline-four Suzuki Hayabusa engine. Garage-based Busakart builders have put these high-strung inline-fours in many different chassis, including smart cars and off-road side-by-sides.

While the Hayabusa inline-four puts out less than 200 horsepower, it has minimal weight to push, which explains its sizzling performance in this duel.

The Corvette in this race, by contrast, packs 1,050 horsepower, but has more than 1,300 kilograms to accelerate up the drag strip.

Consider the above video a redneck lesson in the science of power-to-weight ratios.


(Fox News)