Fisker has pulled the wraps off its latest creation, turning to Twitter June 6 to reveal its pure-electric EMotion sedan, which is said to offer 645 kilometers of range and a top-speed of 259 km/h.

Given its impressive EV driving range, performance, luxuriously appointed interior, and eye-pleasing shape, the EMotion is poised to take the fight to Tesla’s Model S, which performs comparably when ordered in its top P100D trim line.

In a nod to its feline-inspired shape, Fisker described its new model in a tweet as having “eyes like a panther.”

The vehicle’s front-end design incorporates a new advanced LIDAR system into the black centre-point of the bright-work in the grille, endowing the vehicle with the hardware necessary for at least partial, if not full, autonomous driving capability once the software is sufficiently developed.

The automaker has announced its intentions to use lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide (NMC, for short) batteries in the EMotion, enabling unique quick-charge capability and higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries of similar size and weight—in fact, Fisker says its new car will feature the most energy-dense battery pack in the world.

Thanks to the advanced battery tech said to lie within, the EMotion can reportedly be topped up with some 160 kilometers of range via a quick-charge of only nine minutes, when paired with the company’s proprietary “UltraCharger” recharge system.

To further reduce overall vehicle weight – beyond the smaller, lighter battery pack – the EMotion will be constructed from lightweight materials, including aluminum and carbon-fibre composites.

The vehicle’s exterior designers were given a mandate to hide the gaggle of cameras and sensors affixed to its surface as much as possible, and it appears from the initial photos they managed to do just that.

The side mirrors, for instance, conceal cameras that enable panoramic 360-degree views around the car, while additional cameras and sensors are cleverly hidden in the vehicle’s front and rear fascias.

The EMotion is expected to go on sale in 2019 with a starting price of $129,900 USD in the American market, meaning it will likely come with a sticker starting north of $175,000 CDN if it eventually goes on sale in Canada—and given that Fisker sold its original Karma EV in the Great White North, it’s likely it will.

Fisker plans to sell its EMotion online, and through a strategically placed network of “Experience Centres,” not unlike Hyundai’s newly-minted stand-alone Genesis luxury brand.