The Canadian division of a global electric vehicle manufacturer has developed a pickup truck it says was conceived to withstand Canada’s severe weather and challenging terrain.

Dubbed the Bison E-Pickup – a nod to what manufacturer Havelaar calls that animal’s “controlled power and graceful endurance” – the all-electric AWD truck boasts a 300-km driving range and the ability to tackle 21 percent grades.

Havelaar unveiled the Bison at the recent EV/VÉ Conference and Trade Show, hosted by Electric Mobility Canada for the last eight years in the Greater Toronto Area.

Boasts include lockable storage, a two-motor drivetrain for AWD performance, a “high-current” power outlet for running electric tools and accessories, advanced vehicle intelligence and connectivity and, somewhat obviously for an electric vehicle, zero-emission driving.

Havelaar also calls the Bison the “safest truck” thanks to a steel space frame reinforced with carbon fibre, a material we suspect also leads the manufacturer to claim class-leading torsional stiffness.

Havelaar offers no technical details beyond that, so we can’t tell you how much power those two motors produce, how much electricity the battery can store, or how it takes to charge.

We’re also skeptical about any claims of class-leading anything in what is a concept representing a class of vehicle – electric pickups – that barely exists.

The Bison was beaten to the punch by Workhorse, which earlier this month revealed the W-15, a plug-in hybrid pickup that promises 130 km of all-electric driving and a total of 500 km with a gas-powered range extender.