Ferrari have stricken pink from their colour wheel and will not paint their cars in the sahde, effective immediately, reports

When pressed about the decision to ban the sales of pink cars globally, Ferrari said the colour doesn’t fit the company’s ethos.

“It just doesn’t fit into our whole ethos to be honest,” said Herbert Appleroth of Ferrari in an interview with

“There are other colours that aren’t in our DNA as well, and they are wonderful colours too, but some are perhaps more suited to other brands.”

This chromatic edict comes on the heels of Ferrari’s infamous decision to take legal action against Toronto music artist Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, for wrapping his Ferrari 458 Italia in a vinyl tribute to Nyan cat.

“It’s a brand rule. No pink. No Pokémon Ferraris!” concluded Appleroth.

It seems Ferrari is bent on preserving its classical brand image at the expense of owners’ creative expression—though the brand’s personalization program still offers a plethora of colour and material options to make each car feel bespoke.

(, with photo via Vancouver Supercars: MB Photography)