Formula 1 champion Emerson Fittipaldi has built the supercar of his dreams, though unfortunately it’s intended for track use only, reports Automotive News.

Fittipaldi Motors, based in Florida and headed by the retired racing driver, is on track to sell its new EF7 GTR, revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March, to well-heeled buyers for exploits on high-speed race tracks.

The EF7 is not street-legal, and thus cannot be driven on public roads, but Fittipaldi Motors aims to build street-legal versions should its supercar gain traction and bring in much needed capital.

The newly founded automaker aims to build only 39 examples of the model, with an asking price of $1.5 million USD.

Fittipaldi says he drew inspiration for his creation from the Lotus he drove to his F1 world championship win in 1972—it’s reflected especially in the EF7’s lightweight design philosophy.

Tipping the scales at only 998 kilograms and powered by a 600-horsepower 4.8-litre naturally aspirated V-8 engine, the American-made supercar is sure to impress with race car-like dynamism.

“The company is American. It’s where I live. It’s where my family lives. We want to concentrate on the U.S. market,” said Fittipaldi, who estimates that roughly half of the vehicles he builds will find a home in the U.S. market.

While the EF7 will be built in America, it was penned by Italian design firm Pininfarina, and will be powered by Daimler’s AMG performance arm.

The racer-turned-designer says he drew inspiration for his supercar’s exterior design from sharks.

“I love a shark,” said Fittipaldi. “Pininfarina was able to translate that.”

If you’re interested in picking up a copy, you’ll have to track down Fittipaldi Motors directly—the company doesn’t intend to open any dealership networks, and will rely solely on automotive enthusiast and car collector word-of-mouth.

First deliveries are expected starting spring 2018.

(Automotive News)