American custom EV-maker Genovation has set a new street-legal electric vehicle speed record, achieving a terminal velocity of 336 km/h (209 mph) in its heavily modified Corvette C6, the GXE, reports Electrek.

The company already held the world record for the quickest street-legal EV, with a certified top speed of 330.8 km/h (205.6 mph), also set in its battery-powered Corvette.

Genovation chose the C6 Corvette Z06 as its base platform thanks to the car’s lightweight design and strong aerodynamic package, which grants stability during high-speed testing.

“There is talk and there are results. We have the results to prove that electric cars can push the boundaries of performance and speed,” said Andrew Saul, Genovation Cars CEO.

Prospective buyers of the production Genovation GXE can shell out a $250,000 down payment now toward a total $750,000 due closer to the car’s delivery date of late 2019. That cash gets you a bespoke-built electric Corvette C7 limited to a 75-unit production run.