Automotive parts manufacturer Denso has come up with a novel safety device that wakes up sleepy drivers by blasting them with cold air.

Denso has branded their device the Driver Status Monitor, and it uses modern facial recognition cameras and software to monitor the driver for both fatigue and distraction, reports Popular Mechanics.

For example, if the driver’s eyes are frequently closing, and staying closed longer than a normal blink, or if the driver’s head is found to be bobbing, the system will initiate.

Several car manufacturers, including Ford and Volvo, have worked to implement similar driver monitoring systems in their vehicles, but they’ve used audible alarms and vibration – not temperature – to rouse tired drivers.

Denso’s system will use both audible alarms and a blast of cold air to get the attention of drivers. The system is also specific to which type of human performance deficit is at hand–playing recorded messages such as, “Please pay attention to the road” if a driver appears to be distracted.

“The driver status monitor is a highly adaptable feature that can be used in multiple capacities to make our roads safer,” said Brandy Cooper, corporate communications expert for Denso.

While Denso’s system would no doubt be a helpful safety net on marathon road trips, the best solution to the hazard of human fatigue is to take a nap in a safe place before continuing your journey.

(Denso via Popular Mechanics)