Atlanta, Georgia will be the testbed for a new app-based subscription service Porsche has designed to give customers access to different vehicles on a flexible schedule.

Opting into the Porsche Passport program lets you take out a Porsche 718 Boxster, a 718 Cayman, or one of six other models for just $2,000 a month, reports The Verge; upgrading to the $3,000 per month plan expands that range to 22 available vehicles, including more expensive models like the Cayenne E-Hybrid.

After paying a $500 activation fee, customers would download the Porsche Passport app to their Android or Apple device and book a sports car or SUV; vehicle exchanges can be scheduled for same-day or future dates.

The “white-glove” service covers vehicle tax and registration, insurance, maintenance, and detailing, meaning all you have to pay for is the monthly fee and for fuel and parking.

Porsche wants to expand the program across the U.S. – no word on Canada – but will gauge customer reaction in Atlanta before it makes a move.

Several other automakers are implementing similar programs, like Audi’s Audi on Demand pilot project in San Francisco, or Cadillac’s BOOK service it started testing earlier this year in New York. Volvo is planning on launching a similar service, Care By Volvo, next year via its XC40 SUV.

Between high-end manufacturers testing out programs like this on the high end of the market; and car-sharing services picking up the low end of the market, it looks like the future of transportation doesn’t have a whole lot of room for car ownership in it.

(via The Verge)