A trio of new 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demons, at least one of which was built on Friday the 13th, were burned to a crisp in a shipping trailer on Hallowe’en, Fiat Chrysler has confirmed.

The cars – one yellow, two red – were in a Reliable Carriers rig that was apparently the source of the fire, reports Allpar, and not the cars or their fuel systems.

A Hellcat.org forum member, apparently one of the affected customers, posted that he got a phone call from top Dodge exec Tim Kuniskis explaining the situation, and guaranteeing him his car would be replaced immediately, and would even get a lower VIN (since vehicle identification numbers cannot be reassigned).

Dodge had planned to build exactly 3,300 Challenger Demons, and says that’s still the case; it’ll simply add three new VINs to the end of the production run to account for the three lost in the fire.

The exact source of the fire is still under investigation, but considering the build date of the car or cars, the demonic trim name, and the date of the incident, we think it’s pretty safe to assume this was just the simplest way for Satan to summon these three Demons back to Hell.

(via Allpar)