Chrysler unveiled its new Portal minivan concept at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early January, a battery-driven semi-autonomous vehicle it says would “turn road trips into social memories.”

The concept vehicle comes crammed with just about every piece of technology you could ask for, including settings for music, lighting, temperature, etc. that can be saved to particular driver profiles activated via facial and voice recognition, or via a Companion App on the driver’s phone.

The facial recognition tech also helps the center display screen track the driver’s gaze, and adjust brightness or display messages exactly where they’re looking. “Personalized audio zones” means each passenger can listen to something different without the need for headphones.

The Portal is also apparently built for road trips, with a docking station for tablet or phones built into the roof; the vehicle will use it and other passengers’ devices to figure out music or movie preferences, find preferred group destinations, or help pick out restaurants en route.

The docked device becomes a “community display” for the road trippers that tracks route progress, and can also be used to quick-order from certain restaurants, letting passengers order and pay for food without having to leave the vehicle.

Finally, a 3D-graphics-enabled LED display above the instrument panel gives the drive traditional vehicle information straight ahead, a 360-degree awareness and nav view in the center, and media sharing and passenger status info on the right.

Chrysler has no plans to bring the Portal Concept to market any time soon, but if it did, it says each technology would be optional, and could be added or deleted based on need or affordability. The Portal Concept’s user interface was co-developed by Chrysler and Panasonic Automotive.