Chinese automaker Lynk & Co is set to offer lifetime warranties on its electric vehicles in addition to free data connectivity, reports Car & Driver.

The upstart EV company owned by Geely announced its sales-hook commitments April 17 at a private launch event for its production-version 01 SUV and 03 concept car.

Lynk & Co aims to upset the automotive apple-cart by utilizing novel sales and usage concepts; its unprecedented warranty and unlimited data promises are just a few of the forward-thinking solutions the company is tabling.

For instance, the EV maker intends to sell its vehicles online, eschewing a dealership network altogether.

The automaker also plans to promote its vehicles as “smartphones on wheels,” emphasizing vehicle connectivity as a major selling point.

In a bid to promote car-sharing, Lynk & Co also says it will include a hot-button in its vehicles’ interiors that will make sharing or renting the vehicles exceedingly easy for owners, who can sell the usage of their car or SUV at the press of the button.

Lynk & Co aims to start selling its 01 in China this year, with sales expanding to Europe and the U.S. next year.

No word yet on pricing or Canadian availability.

(Car & Driver)