Ford’s new aluminum truck beds just don’t hold up to heavy loads or sharp edges like a steel bed does, and can actually be punctured quite easily, according to a new advertisement from rival Chevrolet.

In the recently launched ad campaign, Chevrolet arranged for a Silverado and F-150 to face off in a durability test of their rear cargo beds.

As two skid-steers roll up adjacent to both trucks, Chevy’s real-people-not-actors observers look on as 374 kilograms (825 lbs) of landscaping blocks are dumped into the cargo boxes, simulating a full-fledged work-site beating.

The results of the demonstration are dramatic, showing several perforations and cracks in the stamped-aluminium cargo bed of the F-150—the Chevy Silverado fared much better, with minor dents and scratches appearing on its rolled-steel bed.

Few light-duty pickup truck owners subject their trucks to such punishment, but to be fair, loading a bucket of landscaping blocks or bricks into the bed of a pickup is not outside the realm of normal use.

In a further demonstration of the Chevy’s superior bed strength, a toolbox is dropped into the cargo boxes of both trucks, striking both beds with the corner of the toolbox. The Ford’s cargo bed is perforated while the Chevy’s bed remains intact.

Chevy told Automotive News their ad campaign “is a dramatic example of Chevrolet engineers’ work to select the right material, enabled by the right manufacturing processes, for the right application.”

Ford, as you would expect, was instead dismissive of the ads. “When you’re the market leader for 39 years, competitors sometimes try to take shots at you with marketing stunts,” a Ford spokesperson was quoted by News regarding the campaign.

“The fact remains that F-150’s high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy cargo box offers the best combination of strength, durability, corrosion resistance, capability, safety and fuel efficiency ever offered in a pickup. We have built nearly a million new F-150s, and our lead over the competition continues to grow.”

Plastic or spray-in liners are available for both the F-150 and Silverado, as well as all other pickup trucks sold in Canada. While it’s true that many owners forego bed liners, those that want to avoid dents and corrosion would be wise to install one; we suspect that with a bed liner installed, damage during Chevy’s demonstration would’ve been minimal or non-existent on both trucks.

The ads, in 30- and 60-second cuts, will run on ESPN and other networks during major sporting events and NASCAR races, as well in longer form at thousands of U.S. movie theatres.

(Chevrolet and Automotive News)