A Ford Focus in Essex in the U.K. had its doors blown off after a buildup of air freshener was set off by an occupant lighting a cigarette.

That occupant, who was sitting in the car in a parking lot outside a DIY store, was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries, reports the BBC.

The air freshener blamed by the fire department for the explosion was not a hanging-pine-tree-type odorizer but an aerosol the occupant had likely been spraying in the car to mask a smell. The gases from that air freshener were sparked then the person lit their cigarette in the car.

While the occupant got away with minor injuries, apparently the Ford suffered “significant damages.” We’d expect it’ll be totaled, and hauled off to the scrapyard where it will be the best-smelling to-be-crushed car on the lot.

(via BBC)