An elevated highway exit ramp with a sharp turn positioned next to an auto repair shop has resulted in some spectacular (and spectacularly ironic) crash landings that’d put the Dukes of Hazzard to shame.

Snyder Brothers’ automotive shop has been hit with eight such crash-landings in the last nine years, and they’re not at all happy with business showing up on their doorstep this way, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Shop owner Donald Snyder attributes the near-annual occurrences to distracted driving, and the tendency for drivers to underestimate the tight radius of the treacherous corner.

“We’ve had cars flip over, catch on fire. Hit the building, time and time again,” said Snyder.

“You know … when you’re in the righthand lane to exit—that’s a long run. I think people, they are not prepared to make that sharp turn. Also, I think people become distracted. This fellow, he didn’t even hit his brakes, he just kept going straight without turning.”

(CBS Pittsburgh)