An 18-year-old was charged with three armed carjackings after failing to drive away in a manual transmission car, despite taking impromptu roadside lessons from the rightful owner, who he held at gunpoint.

Damari Wayne stole three cars at gunpoint between February 11 and 21, according to police—but his criminal actions came to a screeching halt after officers caught up with him thanks to his stickshift handicap, reports news site Cleveland.

After holding up the third vehicle owner at the side of the road and taking the owner’s cell phone, Wayne tried to drive away but failed miserably, repeatedly stalling the manual transmission car.

He then ordered the owner of the vehicle to give him roadside lessons while keeping his pistol trained on the victim, but gave up, deciding to make a run for it on foot.

Police later caught up with Wayne on public transportation thanks to the stolen cell phone signal; he was apprehended and jailed, ending his carjacking spree.

This unfortunate series of events gives us one more reason to support the Save the Manuals campaign.