A pair of young Canadian car enthusiasts recently pulled off a 1,125-km (700-mile) drive from Calgary to Vernon, B.C. and back in a barely-running Datsun roadster, and have just uploaded the whole epic to YouTube.

“Reidus and Cletus” – real names Alex Reid and Clayton Seams – have seized the formula that’s catapulted HOT ROD Magazine’s “Roadkill” video series into Internet superstardom – that is, taking sure-to-fail classic cars on long road trips – and put their own Canadian twist on it.

The latest episode chronicles their attempt to drive across the Rocky Mountains in a patched-together Datsun roadster repaired by Reid. Full disclosure: Reid is an Autofocus.ca contributor.

Reid takes the rusted-out roadster and replaces nearly two-thirds the sheet metal, then has Seams join him for a drive from Calgary to Vernon. It’s on the way back, almost 600 km from home, that trouble, inevitably, starts.

The duo’s viewership seems to be growing considerably since the release of their first episode, on the importing-from-the-US and repair of a (mostly) ’70 Corvette that Seams bought from a California seller sight-unseen.

“Reidus and Cletus” apparently already have several more episodes in the pipe, and in February will begin to upload behind-the-scenes weekly, so if you like what you see, subscribe so you can stay on top of their “Roadkill”-like antics.

(Reidus and Cletus)