A Canadian e-bike company synonymous with low-rent transportation has launched what it claims is the world’s fastest go-kart, the C5 Blast Ultimate.

Daymak’s electric-powered go-kart is said to “reach 0 to 60 in less then 1.5 seconds!” We can only assume that’s in km/h, what with the company being Canadian, the parts Chinese, and 1.5 seconds to 60 mph being way too wild. Daymak has yet to confirm a top speed.

Daymak’s C5 Blast Ultimate is a bit of a departure from the firm’s electric scooter lines; it’s powered by a 48v/10KW brushless DC motor, with additional electric motors driving fans – presumably to enhance propulsion – at the back of the go-kart.

The kart’s main electric motor is liquid-cooled, and in traditional kart fashion, the fun is brought to a halt by a single rear-brake.

Driving range has yet to be announced by the company.

The C5 Blast Ultimate has a sticker price of $79,000 CAD ($59,999 USD), while a cheaper, less-powerful version of the kart sells for $13,200 CAD ($9,999 USD).

All karts are said to be assembled and tested in Toronto, Ontario.