The colour of new car you buy could cost you more than $700 US ($913 Canadian) when it comes to resale value, according to a recently released survey from the U.S.

In the study commissioned by AutoList, the biggest spread was seen in used convertibles: gray ones tended to move for $389 US ($507 CDN) less than the overall average, while red drop-tops regularly sold for $338 US ($440 CDN) more, a difference of $727 US ($947 CDN).

In terms of trucks, blue drove down resale value by $237 US ($309 CDN), with black being the colour to go for instead.

On the other hand, black sedans were the least valuable in their segment, so the dark shade was one to avoid there; blue was no good for hatchbacks either, but only saw prices dip $39 US ($50 CDN) versus the average. White was the best bet there, since it added a $79 US ($103 CDN) premium.

Does that mean you should avoid buying that Lightning Blue Focus hatch? Not if it’s your fave colour, no. But if you’re counting your pennies, consider how much you really care about the hue your car’ll wear.

(AutoList via Road & Track)