Buick late September launched Avenir, its new luxury sub-brand, which will bring to Buick models upscale interior appointments and unique exterior design details.

The sub-brand will kick off with 2018 model-year Buicks, and work essentially as a top trim on models, like GMC’s Denali brand for trucks.

Aimed at a global audience, Avenir will aim to capture conquest sales from competitors including Lexus, Infiniti and Hyundai’s Genesis line.

The Avenir nameplate is taken from the French for “future.” Indeed, Buick is hedging that its new luxury sub-brand will spawn future sales, spurring the badge to a level of profitability not seen since its roaring popularity in the 1950s and ’60s.

Avenir models are set to feature three-dimensional mesh grilles, large-diameter wheels, and bespoke exterior trim finishes. The cabin treatment will include unique seat details, modern trim materials, and Avenir badging throughout.

“Avenir will be Buick’s signature. The highest expression of the luxury experiences we’re delivering now and in the future,” said Duncan Aldred, vice-president of global Buick sales, service and marketing.

“Through the first half of 2016, Buick has been the industry’s fastest-growing major international brand, and Avenir is key to future growth and delivering on the high expectations of new customers coming to our showrooms.”

Buick says it saw the need for an elevated level of luxury in its vehicles based on the fact that the vast majority of buyers were already opting for the top trim levels available on its cars-for instance, Buick claims 90 percent of Enclave buyers purchase one of the top two trim levels.

Avenir vehicles will feature design language inspired by Buick’s 2015 concept car of the same name (pictured above).