Bugatti has joined forces with yachtmaker Palmer Johnson to create the Niniette 66, an unrivaled vessel fit for the most discerning of Chiron owners who also enjoy yachting.

Using an advanced carbon-composite-stabilised hull, the Bugatti Niniette 66 achieves a top-speed of 44 knots (81.5 km/h) on the open seas—quite an accomplishment for a 66-foot yacht with an onboard hot-tub and king-size bed.

The Niniette is powered by a single V8 turbo-diesel marine engine manufactured by MAN, producing 1,000 horsepower—a figure not far-off its Bugatti hypercar counterpart.

Those who’ll settle for nothing but the best can option their Niniette with a MAN V8 producing 1,200 horsepower, giving the vessel a top-speed of 48 knots (89 km/h).

Bugatti promises “amazing comfort” coupled with “lower fuel burn”—that’s billionaire slang for good fuel economy, and you’ve got 3,000 litres onboard to burn.

The French automaker has highlighted the Niniette’s side sponson design, which offers the vessel additional beam and thus increased stability at rest.

A total of 66 Niniettes will be made, with deliveries starting in March of 2018.

Bugatti hasn’t publicly announced the price, but if you have to ask—

(Bugatti; Palmer Johnson)