The Bugatti Chiron will require ugly bumper add-ons as a prerequisite for importation into the U.S., reports Road and Track.

The ungainly bumper extensions are mandated by U.S. transportation regulators, but contravene several unspoken rules writ by the good-design police.

Bugatti sells the majority of its hypercars in the European market, and for that reason, wasn’t too concerned about U.S. bumper regulations while sketching the design of its crown-jewel offering.

After dropping $2.6 million USD on their cars, it’s likely U.S. owners will yank the ugly-duckling bump-stops off their rides shortly after delivery, anyway—antiquated bumper rules be damned.

Plus it’ll be pretty difficult to see the bumpers if the Chiron is streaking past anywhere near its 420 km/h top speed.


The Chiron isn’t the first car to be hit with the U.S. regulator’s ugly stick; the Lamborghini Countach and McLaren F1 also suffered the same indignity after having big-bumper kits slapped on.

(Road & Track, with photo via Road & Track)